Remedy Entertainment Trademarks “Bureau of Altered World Events”

Remedy Entertainment, developers of Quantum Break have filed trademark registration for AWE - Bureau of Altered World Events; what could it be?

This could be anything small but it could also be as big as a new videogame. Whatever the facts are, Remedy Entertainment have registered a new trademark for something called AWE – Bureau of Altered World Events.

While I think that abbreviation should have been BAWE – seeing what it means up there, but hey it is their thing!

Anyhow, the news popped up online with links to the trademark registration applications that have been filed with the The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) for the European Union.

Details of the trademark filing by Remedy Entertainment, as provided by OHIM primarily says that it is about “Games software; Computer games programmes downloaded via the internet [software]; Video game programs” but there also are other thing it could be used for.

The latter could include “Production of television features; Television entertainment; Publishing of journals; Entertainment services; Production of cinematographic films; Production of entertainment in the form of a television series; Production of a continuous series of animated adventure shows” and a lot more.

Right now, some of the gaming community members are relating this to Quantum Break but I don’t see why it could be related to that. The primary reason why I say so is that Microsoft owns all the rights to Quantum Break, not Remedy who are just making it for them.

If it is nothing related to that, it could be another game with somewhat similar sci-fi setting – or not.

Tell us if you have any ideas as to what could Remedy Entertainment have in store for the future.

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