Expect Remedy Entertainment To Release “Project 7 (P7)” Game in 2019

The financial statement of Remedy Entertainment last year gave out some details on the upcoming game codenamed Project 7 is scheduled to roll out in 2019.

The cinematic third-person action game codenamed Project 7 by the developers Remedy Entertainment has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. After the developers signed up for this new game last year, a lot of speculations started popping up on when will the game release and will it be supporting multiplayer. Project 7 is set in a whole new universe created by Remedy that supports multiplayer platform and the game is said to roll out in 2019.

In 2017’s financial statement the company Remedy gave out some details, regarding this upcoming game they said that the game has moved up from its pre-production phase into full-fledged development. This was revealed last year now the game is in-depth production according to the developers.

Talking about the game, Project 7 (P7) will be a third-person action game set in the newly created universe by Remedy. The game will be using the Northlight technology that also powered the game Quantum Break. With that, a lot of improvements are being made in the artificial intelligence, animation, and multiplayer sections of the game.

We first heard about the game when the video games publishers 505 Games signed a worldwide publishing deal with Remedy Entertainment. 505 a Digital Bros subsidiary, secured rights for this game Project 7 for 20 years from Remedy Entertainment. The investment made for this game sums up to about €7.75 million.

According to the studio, this game will offer a long-lasting experience to its players and will be more robust in its nature compared to their other games like the Quantum Break or the Alan Wake Games.

Since the game is not being published by Microsoft but 505 Games this lets the game come out on other platforms as well like PlayStation 4 and also making this a multiplayer-centric game will hopefully pay off as these days the gaming industry has transformed and the multiplayer platform has been killing it out there.

Titles like PUBG and Destiny which have been the highest grossing titles that have been setting new and higher benchmarks for the multiplayer platform and it would be not wise for developers to not consider it.

CEO of Remedy Entertainment, Tero Virtala has high hopes of the Project 7 according to him the company is deeply committed to this game and they are trying to create a unique gaming experience that they have not given before.

Remedy also has other games underway as well, like the Crossfire 2 but it appears to be that the company has set more of its focus on Project 7.

The exact release date of the game codenamed, Project 7 has not been given although one thing is for sure that it will be rolling out sometime in 2019 and will be available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.