Remedy Entertainment Hasn’t Given Up On Alan Wake 2

Remedy hasn't given up on Alan Wake and sure hope to see Alan Wake 2 at some point.

Remedy has brought us a classic like Alan Wake and are now ready to blow up away with Quantum Break. As much as we are excited for their current project, surely we all wondered what is going on with Alan Wake?

The good news is that Remedy hasn’t given up on Alan Wake, however, it seems they are not ready to talk about Alan Wake 2 at the moment.

The developer says that they  hope to see Alan Wake again at some point, but when? Soon, hopefully. Creative Director Sam Lake said:

Quantum Break is very much a Remedy game, so if you liked what we’ve done before I’m sure you will not be disappointed, and as always we have nods and winks towards our other games, in our experiences. We’ve openly talked about our passion for Alan Wake, and we haven’t given up on that dream. So I’m really hoping that we’re able to see more Wake at some point.

Games take years to develop and if Remedy wants another Alan Wake, by now it is probably under development; if so, we shouldn’t expect to hear anything about it for a couple of years, probably E3 2017 is where we’ll see the sequel to the first game.

Do you want Remedy to work on another Alan Wake? Or do you think their resources are better suited for another new IP, after QB?

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