Rehabilitated Toxic Overwatch Player Shares His Story After A Blizzard Ban

A toxic Overwatch player takes to Reddit to share his experience of rehabilitation after being banned for 7 days from the game by Blizzard.

Overwatch has gained somewhat of a notorious image regarding how toxic the player base can be. We can deny it all we want but it’s true. The toxicity levels in Overwatch match up to games like League of Legends and Undertale even. But what made this specific player change his ways?

The user by the name of “Dotashield” took to Reddit to describe his experience with Blizzard’s ban system. Which is speculated by a lot to be an automated one that bans based on mass reports. Dotashield opposed this rumor with this statement:

I did not expect much out of the appeal due to many posts I’ve read here on Reddit stating it’s just an automated system. However, the response I get in the ticket clearly proves it is no longer an automated system (if it’s ever been such a system) and that they do look into appeals.

His appeal was in regards to a toxicity ban of 7 days that he received for misconduct with his peers in the game. Referring to them as trash or calling them “fucking terrible”.

Look, we can all relate to wanting to say these things to idiotic teams or even ones that throw games. But please, if you’re gonna cuss em out, do it as I do. With the microphone off. Helps vent the frustration with no repercussions.

Dotashield was affected by the response of an actual moderator when he appealed the bam. And even shared the statement he received to Reddit.

I hope you are having a great week! Game Master ****** here, I am reaching out to you in regards to the action taken on your account. I understand that you are dissapointed with the action taken on your account, sadly they are a result of your own actions. The first time action was taken on your account this was part of the warning, you don’t get more warnings as it is quite clear that if you continue to behave inthe same way further action will be taken.

Please also remember that another players bad behavior does not excuse your own bad behavior, the correct approach is to report other players for their behavior, as they have for you.

That seems pretty genuine to me.

Rumors still circulate of exactly how much of Blizzard’s system may be automated. Seeing as how people have been banned before by troll teams mass reporting a victim. Streamers like XQC have been victim to this. Though the guy has a knack for sometimes being genuinely toxic.

Hopefully, this helps more toxic people change their ways. It’s interesting to see how different people come up with different ways to deal with their bans. Like this Fifa player for example.

Source: Reddit

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