Reggie Fils-Amie Says Nintendo Switch Input Devices Will Have Variety

Reggie Fils-Amie, the president of Nintendo America, has said that there will be a wide variety of Nintendo Switch input devices when it releases.

The Nintendo Switch is only around a month away, and as we get closer and closer to its official public debut, the information keeps coming. Nintendo of America president Reggie Films-Amie has said that the Nintendo Switch input devices that the console will be coming with will have a wide variety.

The possibility of different input devices for the Switch has already been known for a while now with the JoyCon controllers, which was announced to be a modular controller devices that could attach to the Switch’s detachable screen.

However, the other Nintendo Switch input devices that Fils-Amie has talked about can cater to a variety of different gamers and games.

A similar situation happened with the Nintendo Wii, which had a wide variety of input devices that all used the Wii controller in various ways, ranging form a steering wheel to a gun for shooting games.

If the Nintendo Switch has a number of different input devices like the original Wii to make use of the JoyCon, that’s even more of an indication that various third party titles will also be coming with the console.

The JoyCon also has a wide variety of variations that are going to be coming with the initial console; the JoyCon can be attached to a variety of different objects, ranging from making a handheld setup with the Switch’s JoyCons attached to the sides of the Switch’s portable screen, to a run-of-the-mill controller that’s in a similar vein to the Wii U Pro controller.

While we don’t currently know what sort of Nintendo Switch input devices will be coming with the console, we’ll most likely find out in January when the Switch is officially unveiled to the public beyond a trailer. That event will be happening on January 12, and will officially announce the console’s price and release date.

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