Understanding Weapon Rarities In Redfall

Just like any other open-world RPG Redfall also has a weapon rarity system starting from common to unrivaled/ legendary. Being...

Just like any other open-world RPG Redfall also has a weapon rarity system starting from common to unrivaled/ legendary. Being a mix of singleplayer and co-op looter shooter, having the appropriate rank and rarity of weapon means you are strong enough to tackle the challenges of Redfall at any difficulty. However, Redfall has a somewhat baffling rarity system that makes it difficult to understand how different weapon rarities work and the drop system works.

Weapon system in Redfall

It is crucial to understand the weapon system first before diving into the weapon rarities of Redfall. Although Redfall is a game that revolves around a more futuristic scenario where the vampires are not the traditional vampires, they are the result of a failed experiment, it still has some traditional old-school military weapons such as; Pistol, Assault Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns, and Snipers.

These weapons cannot be leveled up just by putting on some extra money, in Redfall you have to use the weapon to level it up. In addition to these traditional military weapons, Redfall also has Anti-Vampire weapons such as; Flare guns, UV-lights, and Stake launchers. The military weapons are not as powerful against vampires as anti-vampire weapons but you can stack different mods ranging from a stake blade to a guitar handle.

Military weapons cannot kill vampires if used without a mod or with a low rarity such as common or uncommon. On the other hand, the anti-vampire weapons can straight-up annihilate the vampires into nothingness. A prime example is the UV-light which turns vampires into stone-like structures from a ten-foot range after which the vampire can be destroyed into pebbles using any weapon (even a melee).

Since you now have a general idea of how the weapon system works, we now will be explaining the weapon rarity system in Redfall.

How does the Redfall weapon rarity system work?

The gun rarity in Redfall ranges from Common to Unrivaled/Legendary, each indicated by a different color. Below is the list of all the rarities from bottom to top;


Common/ White: the weakest weapon to be found in the whole game, it has zero to no ability to kill the vampires without a stake mod.

Uncommon/ Green: These weapons are also no match for vampires since all they can do is to slow them down and deplete their health which will eventually be regenerated if not killed using a Stake mod or anti-vampire weapon. These are also very easy to find.

Rare/ Blue/ Superior:  These weapons are stronger than Common and Uncommon rarity with an additional boost in either damage, reload speed, or accuracy.

Epic/ Purple/ High-end: These weapons are the 2nd strongest in the game with two additional boosts, and it does deal significant damage to the vampires

Legendary/ Orange/ Unrivaled: These are the strongest and most cool-looking weapons in the game with 3 additional mods and have the capacity to kill vampires easily.

Like all the other looter shooter games there is an unspoken rule that at the start of the game you will only get the low-rarity weapons and as you progress in the game towards the end, you will start finding Legendary weapons as ground loot. However, Redfall does not seem to follow this rule and if you receive a Legendary gun early in the game you should not be surprised as this is just how it works in Redfall.

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