Redfall Miss Whisper Boss Guide

Miss Whisper is one of the main bosses of Redfall and we have all the tips to help you defeat her with ease.

Miss Whisper is among the 4 main vampire bosses or vampire gods in Redfall. Her real name is Doctor Young and is referred to as Miss Whisper. She is an evil doctor who mistreated her patients in a very pathetic way. She made her patients her slaves and she would make them do anything she wants. If they refuse her orders, she would kill them.

This guide will address the Redfall Miss Whisper vampire boss and how you can defeat her in combat.

Where to find Miss Whisper

Miss Whisper Boss fight is part of the main story mission. During the mission, you will learn about the background and location of Doctor Young aka Miss Whisper. You need to first find the door of her arena. You can find this door by heading into Windy Stead in the Founder’s Knoll region which is located on the North East part of the Redfall map.

Fast Travel to Windy Stead. Once you arrive at the street, continue on the road and take the right turn when you see a car parked outside a driveway of a bid shade structure. When you reach the outside lawn of the building, you can spot the Whisper’s Door.

Along the door is an altar, in which you have to place 3 skulls to unlock the door. After placing the skulls, place the Miss Whisper’s Key at the top of the altar.

Enter the door and continue along the stairs and then to the hallway. After you enter the surgery room, take the left door after killing the vampire there and go downstairs. You will reach the cave entrance.


Continue in the cave and you will meet a projection figure who will tell you that Miss Whisper is waiting for you.

You will exit the cave into a foggy forest. Go straight into the forest until you see a red blossom tree. Here, your Miss Whisper Boss fight will begin.

How to defeat Miss Whisper in Redfall

Be well-equipped and take the best weapons that you have when you go to fight Miss Whisper in Redfall. Do not underestimate her because being a vampire god, Miss Whisper is pretty hard to kill.

When the fight starts, she will initially shoot some spirits at you. You can easily dodge this attack.

Then, Miss Whisper will turn herself into a luminous structure. Meanwhile, she will release her minions at you which will charge at you with pace. First, take care of the minions.

Then, approach the luminous structure she built and shoot the red orbs which you can see inside the structure. When it is done, the structure will start to collapse and she will recall more minions to attack you.

Miss Whisper can also teleport on the different sides of the arena and can instantly surprise attack you from behind. So, stay focused and keep an eye on her.

She will build the luminous structures in different locations around 3-4 times during the fight. Destroying those structures will greatly damage her health.

After you deplete Miss Whisper’s health to a last breath, she will drop on her knees on the ground and will make a last desperate attempt to kill you by impaling you with her spike arm.

At this moment, you have to grab and break her spike hand. Your character will stab her with that spike hand and she will die. You can then collect Miss Whisper’s Remnant and Miss Whisper’s Skull as a reward.

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