How To Fix Redfall Incompatible Build Error

There are a few general fixes to the "Incompatible Build Error" in Redfall. This error comes randomly to spoil your game progress.

Errors or bugs are one of the greatest foes of all time for gamers. The amount and type of error can be the deciding factor if one wants to keep playing the game. Some errors can be fixed instantly but some remain due to inherent faults.

Redfall has been getting targeted due to tons of performance issues and bugs that the players have been facing on a daily basis. Included in the bunch is the Incompatible Build Error. In this guide, we will look at different techniques through which you can resolve the issue.

What’s the Incompatible Build Error in Redfall

Where people are calling Redfall’s performance half-baked at best, there are a bunch of dings here and there in the game, rendering it unplayable for some players. Amongst other knows issues, is the “Incompatible Build Error”.

Redfall Incompatible Build Error

The error seems to randomly pop up while you are playing the game and sends you back to the main menu. If you were more than halfway through a mission and the error pops up, good luck with the mission because you just lost your progress.

At this point, we are not sure why this issue keeps coming up. It could be due to a number of reasons, server-side error, damaged game files or the game client could be at fault. Redfall Officials have yet to comment on the issue.

How to fix the Incompatible Build Error in Redfall

Though we might not know exactly what is causing this error there are a number of steps we can try to fix the issue at hand.


1. Update Redfall

The first thing you need to do is to check if your game is up to date and if there are no pending updates.


If you have the game of Steam, then auto-updates are on by default, if they are not, you can turn them through the steps below.

  1. Go to your Steam library and right-click on Redfall.
  2. Go to Properties
  3. On the left side, there will be an Updates Tab. Click on it.
  4. From the first drop-down menu, select “Always Keep This Game Updated”

Epic Games

If you have the game on Epic Games:

  1. Click on your profile photo in the top-right corner and go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and you will find “Allow Auto-Update”. Check the box and you are good to go.

Microsoft Store

For Microsoft Store

  1. Click on your profile photo in the title bar and go to settings.
  2. There you will see “App Updates” make sure it is turned on.


If you are on Xbox you can follow the steps below to make sure that you game stays up to date:

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to pull up the guide.
  2. Then navigate to Profile & System> Settings > System > Updates.
  3. From the Updates Menu, select “Keep my console up to date”.

2. Update your game launcher

Along with the game, it is also crucial that your client; Steam, Epic Games, and Microsoft Store, are also up to date. Sometimes if your game client is not up to date, it can cause errors that will not allow you to play the game, just like the one mentioned above.

If you have followed the steps in the above section of this guide, then your client will automatically be updated whenever there is one available.

3. Verify the integrity of your game files

Often times game files can be corrupted due to either a system-wide issue or maybe an update was not properly installed. If even a single file is corrupted, the game will not work properly. It is best to verify the integrity of the game files to make sure there are no corrupted files.

To do that, you can follow the steps below:


  1. Go to your Steam library and right-click on Redfall.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. In the Local Files tab, there will be a button “Verify integrity of game files”. Click on it and let the process be completed.
  4. Once, it is done, you can try running the game again.

Epic Games

  1. Go to your Library and right-click on the game and select Manage.
  2. Click on Verify and your game files will be verified.

Microsoft Store

  • Go to Library.
  • Click on the game. You will see three dots (…) next to the name. Click them.
  • From the drop-down click on Manage.
  • Now select Verify and Repair.

4. Reinstall Redfall

If the above methods don’t work, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Most of the time, a clean install can work wonders and remove any unwanted errors. Uninstall the game. Restart your PC. Turn it back on and reinstall the game.

5. Check if the servers are down

Another possible reason for the error could be that the Redfall server could be down due to some issue or for maintenance reasons. You can head to Redfall’s Official Twitter to check for more information.

6. Wait for a patch to come

Another thing you can do is you can wait for game devs to release a patch for the error. Once the patch is released, update the game and try again.

Considering that several players are facing this “Incompatible Build Error” in Redfall, a hot-fix is sure to arrive.

7. Report your problem to Bethesda Support

After you have done everything, but the error still remains, you can head over to Bethesda’s Support Forum and open a ticket. They will get back to you with either a solution or will ask you for more information.

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