Redfall Hero Abilities Explained

Can't figure out which hero is the right pick for you? Let us explain all the Redfall hero abilities so you can make an informed choice.

There are 4 playable characters available in Redfall that you can choose from. Once selected, you have to stick with that hero throughout the story and there is no character creation option in Redfall. All of these heroes in Redfall have unique fighting abilities and strengths. Aside from that, they also possess some special abilities that give them an advantage over others.

Choosing a hero for your gameplay is your decision. But, if you don’t know which one should you choose according to your gameplay style and taste, then we will help you by providing you with information about all of Redfall hero abilities and strengths. This way, you will know your Redfall hero better and you can easily choose the hero that will fit with your style and taste.

All hero abilities in Redfall

This guide will address all the special abilities of each hero in Redfall and explain how you can utilize these skills in combat.

Devinder Crousley’s abilities

Devinder Crousley is a genius who invents different weapons and devices. He wants to prove himself to the people by uncovering a deep truth. In Redfall, all the weapons that Devinder uses are his own invented weapons.

Here are 3 unique abilities that Devinder Crousley possesses in Redfall.



This ability allows Devinder to teleport to a region. You will have to throw the translocating device to some distance and you will be teleported there instantly.

This device is very useful if you want to slip out of the vampire hoards.

Arc Javelin

Devinder throws the Arc Javelin between a group of zombies. The Javelin will anchor on the surface and release lighting all around it that will kill all nearby zombies.


This is the most powerful weapon of Devinder. Backlight is a UV device that Devinder places on a spot. For a short duration, it will release UV and every zombie that will pass through this device will instantly be obliterated.

Layla Ellison’s abilities

Layla Ellison is a volunteer to tackle a mysterious situation as a biomedical engineer. She has 3 distinct abilities:


This is a great defensive ability of Layla. Whenever she is attacked by an enemy, she can take out her energy umbrella which will defend her and will prevent the enemy’s advance.

Vampire Ex-Boyfriend

This is Layla’s most powerful ability. Whenever she is in deep trouble and needs assistance, she can call a companion that will help her.


This ability is useful for getting to the top of a building quicly. She will bring out a launch pad that will elevate her to the top.

Jacob Boyer’s abilities

Jacob Boyer is a veteran military sniper. He was on a mission when he got attacked by a vampire. As a result, he lost his one eye. But, mysteriously, his eye was mysteriously restored by a vampire which now emits a white aura.

Jacob possesses 3 unique skills in Redfall:


Jacob has a raven as his pet. By using this ability, he will send his raven to locate and mark enemies for him. The observed enemies by raven will be marked in red.


Jacob can become invisible by using this ability. But, this effect will remain for a few seconds. You can use this time to get past the enemies or surprise attack your foe.


This ability will allow Jacob to bring out a powerful sniper. A shot from that sniper can break the strongest of the enemy guards.

Remi De La Rosa’s abilities

Remi De La Rosa in Redfall is on a mission to rescue the remaining survivors. She is accompanied by her robot Bribon. She is using her engineering abilities to combat her foes.

Remi possesses 3 distinct abilities:

Bribon’s Siren

She can use this ability to distract the enemies. When used, the ability releases a loud noise to attract nearby enemies.

C4 Charge

By using this ability, Remi can throw a C4 projectile on a spot that will cause a deadly explosion wiping out every foe on its range.


Mobilize is the ultimate ability of Remi that she can use to heal a person who comes in the device range. These are all the abilities of all heroes in Redfall. By remembering this, you can select the hero of your choice in Redfall.

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