Redfall Best Devinder Build

Devinder Croulsey is among the 4 heroes in Redfall. He is a genius character who invents different weapons and devices...

Devinder Croulsey is among the 4 heroes in Redfall. He is a genius character who invents different weapons and devices which he then uses to help people and fight his foes. Devinder possesses some unique and powerful abilities that give him an advantage over other hero characters in some areas. However, to properly utilize those abilities, you need to have an idea of the best Redfall Devinder build to maximize his potential.

Along with his abilities, he also Devinder an impressive set of skills. These skills when equipped will give him a fascinating boost in his unique abilities and will cause a significant increase in each respective effect.

In Redfall, as you progress further, you might feel that your current abilities are not that effective.
So, you should design a Devinder build equipped with the best weapons and the best possible skills so that he can stand out against his strongest foes.

These are the skills and weapons that you should get to build an ultimate and unfazed Devinder in Redfall.

Best Skills for Devinder Crousley

Before we talk about the skills, you should take a look at the innate abilities of Devinder.



This ability allows Devinder to teleport to a region. You will have to throw the translocating device to some distance and you will be teleported there instantly.

This device is very useful if you want to slip out of the vampire hoards.

Arc Javelin

Devinder throws the Arc Javelin between a group of zombies. The Javelin will anchor on the surface and release lighting all around it that will kill all nearby zombies.


This is the most powerful weapon of Devinder. Blacklight is a UV device that Devinder places on a spot. For a short duration, it will release UV and every zombie that will pass through this device will instantly be turned into a stone.

Best skills for Devinder

Shock Lance

This skill will give an instant electric shock when the Arc Javelin hit the enemy.

Lumen Intensity

This skill will increase the range of UV when using Blacklight.

Ambient Recharge

Through this skill, your Translocate ability will recharge earlier than usual.

Energy Redistribution

This skill will increase the time of Blacklight so it will last a bit longer.

Lightning Storm

Through this skill, electrical pulse damage from Devinder’s Arc Javelin will significantly increase and the pulse time will also last a little longer.

Go Get ‘Em, Dev

This skill will allow Devinder to deal more damage to the enemies with melee weapons and firearms when the enemy notices him.

Quick Recovery 1 and 2

The Quick Recovery 1 Skill will give a boost to regenerated health after it has been depleted. Also, unlock the Quick Recovery 2 to further increase the amount of regenerated health.

Redfall best Devinder build

Blacklight is the ultimate ability of Devinder and applying the Lumen Intensity and Energy Distribution will further give a boost to its abilities.

Shock Lance and Lightning Storm will increase the damage and effect of Arc Javelin. While Ambient Recharge will allow you to use Translocate ability earlier as it fastly recharges.

You can regenerate your health faster if you use the Quick Recovery 1 and Quick Recovery 2 skill. Below we have also given some suggestions regarding the best weapons to use as Devinder to make proper use of his suggested build


Moray is one of the best pistols for Devinder. It contains 10 rounds in its magazine. The best thing about Mooray is its 94 damage rate which is higher than most Assault Rifles in Redfall.

Coss Special AR

Coss Special is one of the best assault rifles in Redfall and is also a very good pick for Devinder. It contains a 40-round magazine along with a melee knife attached to it which you can use for close-range combat.


Causeway is a good choice in the shotgun category if you are looking for more damage in fewer shots. Because it can host 8 rounds and each round releases 9 bullets.

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