Redfall Best Weapons [Top 7]

For the 7 weapon types in Redfall, there are over 40 weapons for players to choose from. You don’t start out...

For the 7 weapon types in Redfall, there are over 40 weapons for players to choose from. You don’t start out with something good, but as you progress you get weapons with better rarities. However, despite higher quality weapons, testing every weapon to see the best Redfall weapons is a daunting task.

This guide will help ease that process and mark some Redfall best weapons in our opinion so you can have an easy time killing vampires and cultists.

Best weapons in Redfall

Every player has their own playstyle so a specific weapon, despite being the best, might not be for everyone. That is why we have presented numerous different types of guns in Redfall so you have a big list to choose from when deciding the best guns for you.


The first weapon on our list is the semi-automatic shotgun, Lockjaw. Shotguns always hold their place amongst the strongest weapons in all games, and when the shotgun comes with an excellent fire rate, it is sure to make a huge mark in your enemies,

The weapon can deal excellent damage to both humans and vampires, making it an excellent all rounded weapon for all players. The weapon works the best when used in stealth, as you recover 15% of your total HP back and deal double damage when you are stalking vampires. Furthermore, you get additional bullets and increased accuracy on your weapon as well.

Cass Special

If you are a good shot, preferring headshots to assert your dominance, then the assault rifle Cass Special is the one for you, seeing the ridiculous amount of damage it deals. ARs always offer balanced damage with good range so it’s always a great choice to bring along whenever hunting vampires and their followers.


Cass Special comes with high base damage, and if you land a headshot, you deal 75% additional damage as well, with 50% increased accuracy as a bonus. The weapon comes with a 20% increased reload speed as well.


Although pistols are always considered secondary weapons in most games, players always tend to avoid them. Ambition is a semi-auto pistol that offers excellent damage with excellent accuracy.

The weapon’s perks allow it to offer 50% additional accuracy with 50% bonus damage on top of the base damage when you land a headshot. Furthermore, the best part of the weapon is that it allows you to shoot and damage non-petrified vampires as well, saving you the hassle of having to petrify them before going in for damage.

Stake Guns

The best well-rounded weapon class in the game, the best part about the Stake Gun is that to launches wooden stakes that allow you to damage vampires without hassle.

Since the stakes are always sharp, they can also deal good damage to unarmored human enemies so you don’t really have to switch out weapons when facing multiple enemies. The only problem you will run in with is the overall lack of ammo for the stake gun, so best be thrifty with your ammo.

Almost all stake guns work similarly and no exceptional perks can be seen on any of the weapons. For a small recommendation, we’d recommend the Sawfish Stake Launcher early on as it allows you to stagger enemies 25% faster.


Clacker is one of the gold-tier pistols in Redfall. the semi-automatic pistol comes with an excellent fire rate turning it into an SMG virtually. The reason we recommend this weapon is due to its exceptionally high base damage.

The Clacker comes with 20 bullet magazines. With a fire rate of 10, Clacker can chew through multiple enemies easily, though it’s not much of a danger to non-petrified vampires.

A Grave Mistake

Another assault rifle on the list, A Grave Mistake is a gnarly-looking assault rifle. A bit lacking in accuracy but it more than makes up for it with its damage, turning Spray-and-Pray into a valid strategy for all.

The biggest point in favor of A Grave Mistake is that the weapon’s perk allows you to heal whenever you stake an enemy, in addition to increasing your accuracy for every headshot you land.

UV Gun

One of the weapon types you get in the start, UV Guns deal almost no damage but are particularly used to deal with vampires. These guns petrify the vampires and leave them open to all the weapons.

Your weapons cannot normally deal damage to vampires, with the exception of stake guns and some shotguns, but vampires petrified with UV Gun are left open to damage from all your weapons.

UV Guns are practically a must for all early-game players as you have no other viable way of dealing damage to the undead. However, as you progress and as you get more and more powerful weapons in your arsenal, the vampires you then face also become much more impervious to your UV Gun. As such, the weapon might fall out of favor as you progress.

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