Reddit User Gives Cuphead The Arcade Cabinet It Deserves

Redditor xiubeda'John Sellers', a big Cuphead fan created an arcade cabinet for the game, giving it the retro aesthetic it deserves.

If one game deserves to have its own old-school arcade cabinet this year, that is Cuphead. Heavily inspired by the 1930’s cartoon style, Cuphead has redeemed its spot in our video game libraries by offering us pure, beautiful, nerve-breaking boss fights and intense run and gun levels. That’s why a fan decided to create an arcade cabinet for Cuphead, giving it the retro aesthetic it deserves.

Redditor xiubeda‘John Sellers’ is the guy behind the Cuphead Arcade Cabinet’s creation and by the looks of his work, he nailed it. He even uploaded a video of his work on Youtube and even the tiniest details seem to be taken seriously. The arcade sticks for both players have the same red and blue colors of Cuphead and Mugman and the logo placement on its sides could be considered a professional work.

As he revealed in his video description the Cuphead Arcade Cabinet has an Xbox inside it. The marquee lights up and so does the insert coin slot, which opens up to reveal the Xbox. The whole project took him 2 weeks to complete and he was able to keep costs low due to already having access to large cutting and printing machines.

Sellers was asked about how he created such a masterpiece, to which he replied:

I designed the whole thing on a computer program called flexisign. I own a big CNC router and had everything cut out on that. there is no paint on this also. everything is printed vinyl. i bought a slotting bit and routed out a slot to put the rubber t-molding in for that real arcade look!

Cuphead was nominated for this year’s Golden Joystick Awards and actually won the award for Xbox Game of the Year. Noone can deny that we would want to see more of Cuphead in the future and MDHR reported that we would actually get to see that happen.

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