Red Dead Redemption Update Now Available, Enhanced For Native 4K On Xbox One X

Microsoft has a set of games that have been enhanced for Native 4K on Xbox One X and among them is the widely popular Red Dead Redemption and the Red Dead Redemption Update is now available for download.

Xbox team has announced that Microsoft has a set of games which have been enhanced for Native 4K on Xbox One. The games include; Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Red Dead Redemption, Darksiders, Gears of War 2, Portal 2, and Sonic Generations.

The Red Dead Redemption Update size is around 582.73 MB and shall be granting Native 4K graphics. Which means that it will have 9x pixel count, which the original Xbox 360 version had.

Along with that this update also brings new and improved textures as well.

So this here is a good news for Xbox users, you can head on down there and download this Red Dead Redemption Update and check out the graphics.

That being said, the good news does not finish here, the upcoming Red Dead Redemption sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2 just might feature a Battle Royale mode as Rockstar Games is considering it.

There have been various rumors floating in the air for quite some time now, the sounds of chirp regarding the Red Dead Redemption 2 Battle Royale mode were heard by everyone and turns out the developers also have something to say.

Seems like Take-Two Interactive has shared, that there just might be a possibility of a battle royale mode for the game as well. Although it’s pretty farfetched still, it sure is a news that most would like hear.

Also adding to that, Red Dead Redemption and The Last Of Us, are now playable on PC using RPCS3 Emulator. Although there is a catch to it, apparently, it’s pretty much glitchy and unplayable.

Perhaps, you can check out the video and decide for yourself.