Red Dead Redemption 2 The Wisdom of the Elders Stranger Mission Guide

Learn all about The Wisdom of the Elders stranger mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 and deal with a shady fuel company poisoning the water

After you have finished Chapter 5 of Red Dead Redemption 2, Fleeting Joy, you are going to get your next quest mission, The Wisdom of the Elders, in the questline of Strange Mission Strand. Once you are in the West of Van Horn, you are going to receive this RDR2 stranger mission from Obediah Hinton.

Red Dead Redemption 2 The Wisdom of the Elders

To start off this stranger mission, explore below the Train Tracks, west of Van Horn, you find Lemuel on the ground who is in need of some help.

He will keep chanting the name of his village so it would be best if you take him to Butcher Creek. Put him on your horse and head for the north.

Once you reach the village, you meet another man like him who will be taking his care. Lemuel will try to attack you and this is where you take him down.

Downing will be easy as he is already weak. Talk to Obediah Hinton after you are done with him.

You have to wait for at least a day after your first visit to Butcher Creek before you go back there, at night.

You are going to hear a woman scream and will encounter four rabid dogs. Takedown the dogs by using Dead Eye when you see the dogs charging at you.

When you return to Obediah, you are going to meet a native American, who has already warned the villagers about the curse. He is going to show you the cursed talisman and will tell you that destroying these is the only way to lift the curse from the village.

There is a total of 13 of these cursed talismans which you have to find and destroy for RDR2 stranger mission The Wisdom of the Elders.

You are going to find all of these around and within the river. You have to use your Eagle Eye in order to make them glow and be visible to you.

Once you have destroyed all the cursed talisman, you will make your way back to the village and talk to Obediah and the Native American. Now, you are going to get bad news.

Destroying the cursed talisman caused the dark spirits to be free and the situation is worse than before.

All this seems very sketchy to Arthur which is why he threatens the Native American which causes him to run off.

Obediah Hinton is going to inform you about the Native American telling him to stay away from the mines north of the village.

You make your way to the mines. Once you reach there, you remove the wood blocking the path of the entrance.

Once you enter, you will hear some noises. Here you are going to discover the real reason for the village going all crazy.

The water being supplied to the village has been poisoned. You fill up a bottle with some water and see someone taking off.

Go after him and you would have to take another entrance as the old one has been blown up.

Get out of the way before all your health is drained due to the poisonous air inside the tunnel. Once out, take your horse and leave for the village.

You will see the Native American trying to make the villagers sign some contracts, taking advantage of them being illiterate.

You catch him trying to take off all the responsibility of the Fuel Company for poisoning the water. He denies this but you make him drink the water and he confesses everything.

With this, you are done with your stranger mission and your reward is $50 and the contract on the table.