Red Dead Redemption 2 Progression Guide – Health, Stamina, Deadeye

In a game as vast as Red Dead Redemption 2 and with character customization as dense as it, you will want to know how to move up in the world at a fast pace.

Our Red Dead Redemption 2 Progression Guide will ensure that you are aware of all that you need to know to achieve that.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Progression

You have a total of 3 attributes which you need to take care of. The first in is “Health” which is an indicator of the amount of damage that you can take.

You also have “Stamina” which is the amount of exertion that you can do whether it is swimming, jumping, and sprinting. Lastly, you have “Deadeye” which is a special mode which you can use to kill people (among other things).

You can replenish these attributes in 3 ways. By sleeping, tonics, or using your attribute cores. They are the last resort of the attribute which can be used to replenish your attributes.

If you end up using your cores, you will notice that the attributes replenish at a slower rate. The cores require maintenance so as to ensure the highest recharge rate of your attributes.

Main Attribute Meters

At the start, you have 3 tanks for your health, 2 tanks for your stamina, and 2 tanks for your dead eye. You can increase these meters if you get more XP and level them up.

The bar around them fills up and you are able to see your progress that way. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the attribute level and the total amount of XP required.

Attribute Level Total XP Required
1 0
2 50
3 100
4 200
5 350
6 550
7 800
8 1100

How to Gain XP
Now, we will slowly go ahead and take a look at how we can gain XP. There are different ways for you to gain XP for each of the 3 attributes that you have. We will be taking a look at the amount of XP that you get for each of the actions one by one.

Health Gain Actions

Action XP You Get
Drink ginseng elixir 25% till next level
Row a boat 100 meters 20
Bow weapon kill 20
Melee kill 10
Catch a fish 10-30
Jump 50 times 5
Stealth kill 5
Thrown weapon hit 5
Get a clean hunting kill 3

Stamina Gain Actions

Action XP You Get
Drink aged pirate rum 25% till next level
Survive combat with less than 25 health 20
Sprint 100 meters or more 20
Swim for 15 seconds or more 20

Dead Eye Gain Actions

Action XP You Get
Drink a valerian root 25% till next level
Craft an item 1
Cook a meal 1
Complete chores around the camp 5
Find special collectibles 5
Free aim kill 1
Skin an animal 1-10
Get a headshot from 50 or more meters 1-5

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