Red Dead Redemption 2 Poisonous Trail Treasure Maps Locations Guide

Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt can be regarded as the most difficult Treasure Hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2. We have written this Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide to guide you to the location of all the Poisonous Trail treasure maps and how to complete them. You need to start the side quest The Noblest of Men, and a Woman beforehand.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Poisonous Trail Treasure Maps

Red Dead Redemption 2 features a super difficult Treasure Hunt in the game that is designed for players that leave no stone unturned, or have bought the Limited Collector’s Box.

Fear not though, we have created this RDR2 Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt Guide to help you find the full Poisonous Trail Treasure.

The reward for this treasure is pretty cool. We won’t be spoiling the rewards, for this Treasure Hunt will focus only on the hunt, and not the reward. So rest easy! Without further ado, let us begin this Treasure Hunt of the century:

Poisonous Trail Treasure Map Piece #1
To get to the first map, you will have to travel to the West Grizzles. This is also the place where Chapter 1 of the game takes place. It will be towards Coulter.

There will be a hut located at the edge of the Cairn Lake. Head inside this hut, and search the lockbox placed under the bed. The Gunslinger Mission with Flaco Hernandez will also lead you to this hut. Refer to the map for more information. You might need to complete Chapter 2 before proceeding though.

Poisonous Trail #1
Poisonous Trail Treasure Map Piece #2
Find the Treasure Map Piece #1 before proceeding. Open your satchel and study Map 1. You will be shown a location in Scarlett Meadows. The area is called Face Rock which is west of Eris Field and Ringneck Creek.

You will need to search for a large rocky platform, with lush green grass and a couple of barren trees grown around it. Search for the map around the burned-out tree near the base of the platform

Poisonous Trail #2
More accurately, the map will be by the weird rock that is carved like a human face. The map piece will be hidden back of the hill, in a hidden hollow at the base of a tree trunk.

Poisonous Trail Treasure Map Piece #3
The final part of the Poisonous Trail treasure map can be found in the Serpent Mound, southwest of Van Horn.

To get here, go west from the Van Horn Trading Post, which will be located east of the map. If you’re going south through Van Horn, take the path moving westwards across the rail track. Shortly after you cross the rail track, head south to cut away from the path.

When you’re over here, search for a grassy hill with a spiral pattern of grass encircling over it. On the top of the hill, you will see stones placed on the ground, forming an elliptical pattern. Inspect the hole inside the snake’s head and you will find the third piece. Snatch it!

Poisonous Trail #3
Be sure that you have the first two pieces before proceeding, though.

Poisonous Trail Treasure

After you have found all the Poisonous Trail Treasure map parts, you will get a complete figure of where the treasure should be. However, if you cannot find the location, do not fret.

Poisonous Trail Treasure
In this step of the guide, we will first decide to head to the Elysian Pool and head into the hidden cave. The cave will contain the treasure that you have been setting your eyes upon. Finally, we will figure out how to get out of this cave.

Elysian Pool
Head to the northwest region of Van Horn, until you find the Elysian Pool. The Elysian Pool features a waterfall. Enter this waterfall to reveal a cave inside.

Once you enter the cave, climb onto the first ledge that you come across and use your lantern after you are on the new platform. Stroll forwards till you find yourself in a bigger hall of the cave, here you will see a ledge sliding down to your right, slowly descend by walking down on this ramp. Follow the path until you reach a fork. Bookmark this location in your mind. Take a right here and follow this path until you reach a shallow pool.

Behold: Booty!
From the shallow pool, look to the left and climb up the small mound you see. And behold, good friends! Treasure awaits behind those rocks. Reach out for the rocks and you will find 4 gold bars behind the rocks. Each gold bar sells for $500 at the fence so that is easy $2000 right there.

Mission: Extract
It is time to extract, my good friends. After taking the treasure, retrace your steps. Follow the tunnel towards the two separate paths that we had mentioned earlier, take the one on the right and go back through it and follow the path back up so that you can get back to the waterfall from where you entered.

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