Red Dead Redemption 2 Oh Brother Stranger Mission Guide

Oh, Brother is one of many the Stranger Missions you can attempt in Red Dead Redemption 2. You can unlock this 3 part stranger mission after you have finished RDR2 Chapter 4: The Gilded Cage. This guide covers where you can find the Oh Brother stranger mission in RDR2 and how to complete this stranger mission.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Oh Brother Stranger Mission

You can find the quest givers in front of the General Store in Valentine.

Proetus and Acrisius are two twin brothers who are both fighting over the same woman; Helen. They’re trying to show each other up by proving who is the bravest in order to impress her.

The first bravery challenge these idiots suggest is you shooting bottles off the top of their heads. This has three rounds; First, you need to shoot large bottles, then smaller ones and then finally, they will both be standing on one leg each.

Once you’re done with all 3 rounds, both twins will be dragged away by Proetus. You can encounter these characters again after a few days for the next part of Oh Brother stranger mission.

They are both still pining for Helen’s affections, and being really competitive about it. Their new bravery test is asking you to punch or kick them so that they can show Helen who is tougher among the two.

You deliver a punch to the face; a second one in the stomach and then one last kick to the groin.

Once again, this determines no clear winner so the trio leave. After a few more days have passed, you can find the trio at Cumberland Falls.

This final test in this RDR2 stranger mission is meant to settle once and for all who is truly worthy of Helen’s affection.

The two morons want you to put them in barrels and then let these float down the waterfall. You don’t have any choice but to humor their death wish.

Helen is worried so you both rush down there to check on the twins. They’re a little shaken up but miraculously still okay.

They both finally have a big wake up call over this and decide that it’s stupid to keep risking themselves over one woman. They thank you and then depart together to explore the west, much to Helen’s confusion.