Red Dead Redemption 2 Map Presents Dynamic Experiences in Subtle Ways

Red Dead Redemption 2 map is going to be very big and it’s going to offer various dynamic experiences. According to EDGE, Rockstar has worked really hard on the game and the map size is really, really big.

Just like us, EDGE wanted to see how big the game’s open-world really is using their hands on preview of the game. They tested this out by opening the in-game world map and zooming out full. Afterward, they moved eastward until they found out they had to scroll two full screens to reach the end. It scrolled twice as far while going southward according to EDGE.

Obviously, this doesn’t give us any numbers about how exactly large the map really is but gives us a hint that it’s going to be really big. During the same preview, EDGE also had the opportunity to talk with the art director of Rockstar North, who described the beautiful in-game and experiences it’s going to offer.

“A big difference for this game is making sure that the player’s not just discovering fun things to do, but that the world is constantly serving things up to you in subtle ways,” said Garbut. “A rattlesnake spooking your horse, animals lurking in the woods, a rival gang’s campfire off in the distance, the distant lights of the nearest town – there’s always something going on. The things that happen to you as you simply hang out in the world pull you through it, creating rewarding experiences in their own right. That feels real, and it feels new.”

Red Dead Redemption 2 map size is of the reasons now we know why the game is so massive in size. Pre-load of the game has already started on PS4. You will need around 105 GB to install it on your system. It’s around 85 GB on Xbox One.

The game also comes with two discs. You will need to use both of them to install the game and only one to play it once installed.

Now if you don’t hate spoilers, you can check out the leaked gameplay here to see the beautiful in-game world and the new weapon wheel. Leaked images of the map have also appeared.

RDR 2 will release on October 26 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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