Red Dead Redemption 2 Fountain Pen Location Guide

If you are having trouble locating the Fountain Pen in Red Dead Redemption 2 then this detailed guide should be useful for you

If you are having trouble locating the Fountain Pen in Red Dead Redemption 2, which is a pre-requisite for completing the Errand Boy trophy, then hopefully this guide will help you out. The description of the RDR2 fountain pen location can be quite vague, and if you have run in circles for quite some time, and it has brought you here; then you are currently in the right place to help yourself out.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Fountain Pen Location

The first thing you need to do is head to Emerald Station, once there make your way east until you see a cabin in Osman Grove. Once you head inside, you will find the dead corpse of a woman and a desk drawer towards the back. Search up and you will find something known as “Mary-Beth’s Fountain Pen”.

If you are confused about the location, here is where you will precisely find the cabin.

As you follow the instructions above, you will find the pen, and now you must take it to Mary-Beth in the camp. Press Y or Triangle, and you will gift Mary the fountain pen. This will complete your task.

Gifting the fountain pen to Mary-Beth is not working, What must I do?

If this is the issue, then you probably have the wrong souvenir on your hand. You should not mistake the pen you find in Chapter 2. While it is a pen, it is not something Mary-Beth is going to accept. Go further east, to find the correct location in the cabin mentioned above. And if you are certain that you are at the right location and still can’t find the pen, then the quest might have been glitched out for you which is a rare occurrence. There is no other place to find this pen either.

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