Red Dead Redemption 2 Dutch’s Pipe Location Guide

Help Dutch, the leader of your gang, find a smoking pipe with the help of our Red Dead Redemption 2 guide to track its location

The Dutch Van Der Lind gang is a family, and family sticks together. This is why during the course of the story, multiple gang members will ask you to get them particular items, if you come across them. You, of course, do not come across them and have to go especially to find them. One of these companion errands in RDR2 is Dutch’s request to find a Smoking Pipe for him. In this Red Dead Redemption 2 guide, we will help you with the location of this pipe for Dutch so you can take it to him.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Dutch’s Pipe Location

These errands will help increase bonding with fellow gang members. Dutch will give you this errand in Chapter 2, between 8:00 to 20:00 at day and it can be fulfilled anytime during Chapter 2- Chapter 4.

The pipe is one of the harder items to find, as it is in the corner of the map. To get the pipe, you need to go to a hut in the East of Pronghorn Ranch. The closest town is that of Strawberry, fast travel there and head north until you reach the river.

Turn west and go along the road to the edge of the map, before the ranch. The hut will be on the south side of this road named “Vetter’s Echo”(right above the giant “W” on the map).

Now before approaching the hut to collect the pipe for Dutch, remember there is a bear inside it. You will hear growling so don’t rush in to take shelter, as the beast is already there.

You can easily deal with him using dynamite sticks. Just toss a few in and this will quickly dispose of the bear. If the bear mauls you to death, it will be gone when you respawn… this is a way to save dynamites!

The pipe is on a desk with a typewriter on it in the hut. Simply grab the pipe and bring it to Dutch next time you meet him in the camp. Dutch will give you a pair of Spurs as the Reward…..kind of lame tho but at least you will have completed this RDR2 companion errand and given Dutch his smoking pipe.

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