Red Dead Redemption 2 Big Foot Location Guide

Confirm the presence of a myth and see if you can find the Big Foot's location with the help of our Red Dead Redemption 2 guide

We know that Rockstar is fond of the Sasquatch everyone knows and loves; the Bigfoot. They add that Easter egg in a lot of games including Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption series. Even with Red Dead Redemption 2, we get a giant Easter egg in the form of a giant skeleton that seems to be of Big Foot and in this guide we will show you how to find it.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Big Foot Location

The skeleton is under a ridge on the face of Mt. Shan on the southeast side; to get here you will have to go north of Strawberry in West Elizabeth. Arthur can mark the remains of this giant as a point of Interest in his journal.

There was a large mysterious man who lived in this cave in the Mountains on the northern side of the Grizzlies which is East of Ambarino.

Although we are speaking of him as Bigfoot, some people say that he is only a friendly giant while others are sure that he is Bigfoot himself.

But this is not confirmed whether what kind of creature he is. This skeleton only hints that there is a mythical creature lurking around in the game.

There are some requirements that need to be fulfilled which include studying thirty different species of animals and this does not include fish or horses.

After that, you need to find a peculiar sort of flock of birds near the Calumet Ravine.

RDR2 Big Foot Location
This flock of birds will most probably be on the west side of the Calumet River, if and when you find them, they will start to fly. This is when you have to start following them. They wouldn’t be moving very fast and you would be able to follow them easily even if you take your time.

At one point, they will start just revolving around in one place. This is where the cave of the Bigfoot is. When you get there, you will have a nice chat with the big guy but he will not show himself.

You can have a second encounter with the Sasquatch after 3 in-game days which would be 72 minutes of gameplay. Again, you will have a chat with the guy but not visual sighting.

This is all there is about Bigfoot in RDR2.

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