Red Dead Redemption 2 A Bright Bouncing Boy Stranger Mission Guide

A Bright Bouncing Boy is one of many the Stranger Missions you can attempt in Red Dead Redemption 2. You can unlock this 3 part RDR2 stranger mission after you have finished Chapter 4: The Joys of Civilization. This guide covers where you can find the Bright Bouncing Boy stranger mission in RDR2, how to finish it and the rewards you get.

Red Dead Redemption 2 A Bright Bouncing Boy Stranger Mission

Part 1
The quest giver is Professor Marko Dragic, who is hanging around Saint Denis. He is sitting by a pond in that park that is located on the western end of the town.

He will show you his newest invention when you approach him. It is a remote-controlled boat that he needs your help in testing during an exhibition for some investors. As they arrive, you will join in on the demonstration by controlling the boat in the water.

You need to move it around while sinking battleships and dodging mines. Aim at the boats and fire until they’ve all been wiped out.

You will have to take down two waves of battleships to finish the test and you can make this safer on yourself by blowing up mines that your boat isn’t next to.

Successful completion of this demonstration leads to investors being very impressed. The inventor will then thank you for your assistance and ask you to come to visit him in his workshop sometime.

Part 2
You can find Dragic’s workshop in the north-eastern corner of the map and can visit him during the night time.

He will be initially hesitant in letting you inside because he fears being robbed. Thus, he’ll talk to you in hiding via a microphone.

He’s conducting another experiment during a thunderstorm and he requires your assistance again.

He will task you with using the three metal rods outside to capture electricity during the storm.

Find the locations to place the rods by using the Detector while walking around. Once this is done, go to the top of the metal tower to start the conduction by flipping some switches.

The electricity will be channeled into a crudely built robot in the workshop. It will temporarily gain life and then take a few steps forward before it falls apart. Dragic seems pleased with his progress anyway.

Part 3
Revisit the workshop after a few days and you will find Dragic inside, lying dead in a pool of his own blood. You can loot the room and you end up earning the Artificial Intelligence trophy for the mission’s successful completion.

One of the items you find in your loot is the Electric Lantern, which becomes added to your inventory.

Once that’s done, head to an area nearby in the north-west side of the Grizzlies. The robot will be sitting on the mountains while pondering over the life he took.