Red Dead Online Story Missions Walkthrough Guide

Throughout your game time in Red Dead Online, you might have to help a few sheriffs a few times. Our Red Dead Online Story Missions Walkthrough Guide will take you through all of these missions in a step-by-step manner.

Red Dead Online Story Missions Walkthrough

Let us start with all of the missions that you can do when playing Red Dead Online. We will explain all of the important objectives that you need to achieve when going through the missions of the game. We will start with If the Hat Fits.

If the Hat Fits

At the start, you need to go to a camp found in Pike’s Basin. Get to the camp to the southwest and pick off the enemies one by one. After that, take care of the gang that is protecting the outlaw who is your main objective.

Try to fight them from the upper side of the basin and then make your way down.

Once you have the outlaw, tie him up and take him to the Police Chief. There will be many enemies coming from above whom you need to kill and then use your horse to go into the basin.

Keep on shooting the enemies around you. They will come from both sides. When you get to the campsite, you can either help him and get some cash on your way to the Police Chief or do not help him and be honorable.

Love and Honor

Speak with Horley in Blackwater and you can find this mission in the middle of Tumbleweed. Go to the Sheriff’s Office to get this mission. After that, head on over to the Twin Rocks. Then, clear out the gank over there and find Mrs. O’Dowd.

Your objective can be found inside the building and you will be given the choice of either helping the couple (honorable) or taking down Cliff (dishonorable).

If you help them, you will protect them as they make their way to the hideout. Ride in the wagon or follow them and take out enemies as they come about.

If you decide to not help them, the main part is the same and you will need to escort Mrs. O’Dowd to her husband. Simply tie her up and take her to Tumbleweed to complete the mission.

The Right Side of the Tracks

Talk to Horley in Blackwater and choose the mission to the southwest of Caliban’s Seat. After that, you need to go to Bob Crawfish in his hideout.

It is quite close to the beginning of the mission. Take cover because enemies will greet you.

Once you have killed the guards, you will have to chase Crawfish and catch up to them. Eventually, you can hogtie them.

Remember that the enemies will split up and your party will need to chase them individually to get them all. In the end, you need to get the thief to the tracks at Fort Riggs so that they can meet Arnsdale.

Simply follow the quest marker and deliver them to Arnsdale to complete the mission. You can either help or kill the thieves in the end.

Honor Among Horse Thieves

This mission is automatically available to you when you complete the tutorial of the game. You will have to visit Clay Davies on your map to start the mission.

Then, you need to steal horses for Clay by going to the location mentioned on your map. Get outside the Woolen Mill and take out the enemies in there. Kill all the players in there and get the horse from the stable to the east side.

Once you have calmed the horse, steal it, and take the horse to the stable marked on your map. The stable is in Saint Denis and you will have to face many enemies along the way. Once you are there, you will have completed the mission.

Where Your Morals Lead You

You can start this mission by heading to Horley after you have completed the 3 Sheriff Missions. Then, head on over with Marshal Davies to the campsite north of Manzanita.

He will introduce you to a tracker and will take you to find Alfredo Montez. Simply follow Lee and defeat all of the enemies on the way.

That you will be taking part in 5 interactions. After that, you will find Alfredo Montez. Here, kill his gang as well as Montez. You will have to face off enemies depending on how many you killed previously.

Eventually, you will have his head and you need to get to Manzanita post. There are many enemies on the way who you need to kill. Get to the post to complete the mission.

Highly Illegal and Highly Moral

This mission tells you that you killed the wrong guy in the last mission. At the start, you need to go to either Van Horn or the Camp. Go to one of them and look for the Lieutenant.

At Van Horn, you need to take out Montez’s Lieutenant. Simply be stealthy, follow him, and eventually take him out.

After that, you need to clear the camp and return to Marshal. Then, you will ride out to Montez and his convoy and you need to catch him to bring him back to the drop-off area and complete the mission.

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