Red Dead Online Moonshine Ingredients Locations Guide

Red Dead Online has a business opportunity for you if you want to make some alcohol, provided you know the Red Dead Online moonshine ingredient locations

Red Dead Online has now a new feature allowing players to craft their own Moonshine as part of the Moonshiner Frontier Pursuit. There are different Moonshine recipes for different flavors and each recipe requires different ingredients. The basic ingredients are basically the same, and here is a brief guide for all the Red Dead Online Moonshine Ingredients Locations.

Red Dead Online Moonshine Ingredients Locations

Remember, all these places are where you can find the respective ingredient relatively easily as compared to searching throughout the map. Most of these ingredients CAN be found at multiple other locations.

Keep in mind before you get started with searching for these ingredients, you actually need to have a Moonshine Shack.

Ingredient Location
Apple Purchased from Catalogue. Can be found by looting dead bodies.
Black Berry Found on the bushes south west of Valentine.
Canned Apricots Purchased from Catalogue. Can be found by looting dead bodies.
Canned Peaches Purchased from Catalogue.
Canned Pineapples Purchased from Catalogue.
Canned Strawberries Purchased from Catalogue.
Caribbean Rum Collectible from Madam Nazars Bottle Maps. Can be found by looting dead bodies (Rare).
Creek Plum (The flower do not always spawn, but can be found on ANY random day. Recheck the mentioned locations to find them) The area surrounding Rhodes below Braithwaite Manor. In the Big Valley. In the plains of Dewberry Creek.
Currant Purchased from Madam Nazar.
Evergreen Huckleberry Northwest of Saint Denis near the Bayou
Ginseng Purchased from Madam Nazar. The herb can be found in wild in almost every plain area specially around Valentine.
Golden Currant Near Kamassa river, west of Van Horn Trading Post.
Peach Purchased from Catalogue.
Pear Purchased from Catalogue.
Red Raspberry Can be found South East of Stillwater Creek.
Vanilla Flower Near Saint Denis, South East of Lagras Lake.
Wild Mint South West of Valentine near the river.
Wintergreen Berry North of Brandywine Drop
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