How to Start The Moonshiner Business in Red Dead Online

Learn how to get started with your very own Moonshiner business in Red Dead Online after the latest Frontier Pursuits update

Playing through the campaign of Red Dead Redemption 2 you are probably aware of the phrase “Moonshine” and its value to various ‘users’ in the game. With the latest update in Red Dead Online you can now purchase The Moonshining Shack, which as implied is your own personal alcohol making facility. Below we will show you how to start the Moonshiner business in Red Dead Online.

You will be unlocking various skills for your distillation methods and most importantly avoiding the law as best you can whilst keeping your rival businessmen out of the way as effectively as you can.

How to Start The Moonshiner Business in Red Dead Online

The new update allows you to set up a Moonshine shack or house of ill repute, allowing you access to various new goodies, weapon ammo, and various other cosmetics.

Setting up your Moonshine Shack
Once you complete the Sell Mission or get to Rank 5 within the Trader Progression. You will receive an introduction by Cripps so as to meet the famous yet infamous distiller Maggie Fike found at the Emerald Ranch. She will help you to get up and running in your Moonshine Business allowing you to choose from 5 starting locations.

Maggie will ask you to find Marcel, the cook. All you need to do is go rescue him and go borrow some moonshining equipment from another similar operation; after which Marcel will show you the Engine Room where he will be introducing you to the distillation tools and equipment. Go back into the shack now to see through all the options that you have in terms of what you can improve.

Setting up a Moonshine Shack is no kid’s business and definitely not free, so you will need to pay 25 gold bars. You can also re-locate your business by paying a sum amount of $250 dollars only, should you feel the need to change your Moonshine shack location.

The main floor of your Moonshine Shack acts as a fake front in order to hide what is actually going on in the basement, where you can also set up an underground bar that you can customize accordingly.

Throughout this adventure you will be co-operating with Maggie in order to improve your Moonshine and to improve your business for the better.

Supply and Demand
As mentioned above, you can expand your Moonshine bar to have an underground bar which will cost you $950 and one token, or just 38 gold bars. You can improve the condition of your bar if it’s a little down for your taste by bringing in more patrons and spending a little money on the interior décor.

You can improve the recipes of the food being made in the bar by giving Marcel good recipes, which naturally brings in more traction; not a lot though. In order to really improve your ‘business’, you should definitely try to upgrade your recipes on the table found right next to Marcel which will lead you to supply missions to various people on the map.

On this table that we just mentioned, you can pick the type of moonshine you want to make along with the flavoring. Prepare your batch of moonshine and go ahead and deliver it to your clients for some good profit. Try to take care lest you break the bottles.

During transportation you will run into check-posts, either let them inspect the carriage or barge right through avoiding all inspection. It’s an investment worth making.

The moonshine business is really shining since you can make a batch for roughly $30 and proceed to sell it for a $50 profit. Keep in mind that you will need Condenser and Polished Copper upgrades that can be obtained from Maggie.

And those are all the basics you need to get yourself into the Wild West’s moonshining business. Hopefully, this gets you peddling your way along to the top of the chain.

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