How to Collect Animal Samples in Red Dead Online

If you have decided to pursue the Naturalist role in RDO, this guide will show you how to collect Animal Samples in Red Dead Online to progress further in the Frontier Pursuit and unlock new items.

We’ll be showing you how you can obtain more extensive knowledge regarding each animal and complete your animal field guide.

Red Dead Online Collecting Animal Samples

Once you’ve talked to Harriet Davenport and decided to work towards helping nature, you’ll need to track down animals and collect their samples while making use of your newly obtained sedative ammunition.

Sedating Animals
Our Naturalistic approach prohibits us from killing any of the tracked animals. To preserve life, we must turn it down a notch. In order to do so, you’re going to need sedatives.

If you’ve been playing through Red Dead Online a lot, then you should already have the Varmint Rifle.

However, to get the Sedative Ammunition, you will need to talk to Harriet (Marked by a Magnifying Glass).


She will sell you the sedative ammo and you’ll be able to equip the ammo by using D-Pad or pressing Z on PC.

Time to Collect Samples
Now, to get the samples. Once you have the sedative ammunitions. You’ll have to go for different animals and fire these sedatives at them until they drop unconscious.

Depending on the animal, it can take even up to 10 sedatives. Collect the sample, and head back to Harriet to receive cash, XP, and positive progress in your rank as a Naturalist.

Completing a sample will allow you to update your Animal Field Guide for a specific habitat that you collected the sample from.

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