How to Farm Capitale in Red Dead Online

The latest currency introduced to Red Dead Online is the Capitale. Capitale helps the players to make their way through...

The latest currency introduced to Red Dead Online is the Capitale. Capitale helps the players to make their way through the latest Blood Money content and missions. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to get Capitale in Red Dead Online.

How to Farm Capitale in Red Dead Online

Here are some of the ways that you can use to get access to Capitale.

Play Blood Money Missions

Now, the most reliable ways to get Capitale are blood money activities and crimes. They will not directly reward Capitale, but they help the players to get to the places where they can find Capitale. To get access to these blood money activities, you need to speak with Guido Martelli, found at Saint-Denis in the Saint-Denis garden.

Loot Bodies, Chests, and Stashes during Blood Money Missions

Another way is to loot bodies, chests, and stashes while you are completing the Blood Money Missions. Players can easily find bodies, chests, and stashes while they are engaged in Crimes as well.

To get access to crimes, approach the following characters that appear with the blood money icon on the map.

  • Anthony Foreman can be found in northeast Saint-Denis
  • Sean Macguire can be found to the south of Blackwater
  • Joe can be found to the east of Emerald Ranch
  • James Langton can be found to the northwest of the Macfarlane’s Ranch

As you approach these characters, you can now access the crimes and Free Roam Missions as well. While you are engaged in these crimes, you can loot Capitale from characters involved in those missions, lockboxes, and treasure chests.

Purchase through Gold Bars

Players can also purchase the Capitale using Gold Bars in RDO from the fence. Three gold bars can help you buy 10 Capitale.

Also, purchasing Hired Gun Kit from the fence, which costs 5 gold bars, will reward you with 10 Capitale in addition to the ammo, consumables, and gun oil.

Get Quick Draw Club Pass

A quick draw club pass also helps you to earn 25 Capitale at Rank 6 and 40 Capitale at Rank 23. So, players should hurry to get the Quick Draw Club pass, as they offer a handsome amount of Capitale.

We hope now you will find the Capitale without any difficulty and make your way to purchase the opportunities so that you can earn a great reward in return.

This suggests Capitale will be one of the most important tools for the players. Now, you should begin with your hunt for Capitale, so you can get the maximum amount of Capitale and buy all the standard, hard, and ruthless opportunities that cost 15, 20, and 25 Capitale respectively.

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