ReCore is Xbox One Exclusive, Not Coming to PC, Dev Corrects Resume

It looks like PC fans are not having a good day; ReCore is an Xbox One exclusive and will not release on PC.

A day ago fans of ReCore started speculating that the game was not an Xbox One only title but would also release on PC because a number of Armature employees suggested so on their resumes. However, that is not the case.

The only developer in question who mentioned both platforms for the game, Bobby Pavlock has updated his CV to reflect that the game is an Xbox One exclusive only.

So yeah, it appears that all the fuss was based on a mere mistake at the part of the game’s senior designer at Armature Studios.

It would have been great if the game was also coming to PC since no one who was watching its reveal at E3 2015 left unimpressed by ReCore. On the contrary, it appears that Microsoft wants all that good stuff with dinosaur-like robots to grace their latest console only.

I do have one small speculation to make on the matter – though it doesn’t seem highly likely under the light of the recent changes.

Another developer, Thomas Keene who is a software engineer at Armature Studios, might be telling us through his LinkedIn profile that there is still hope.

He mentions that he is working on an Xbox One and PC title for the studio without naming the game, but he has only been there for 11 months suggesting he couldn’t have been working on a number of titles; he might also be talking about ReCore and the fact that two developers might be saying the same thing about ReCore could mean something different.

For instance, maybe the game is going to be released as an Xbox One exclusive and later get released on PC – and Microsoft would want to keep that information under the lid until the game is out on their console leading to the changes in Bobby’s resume (since it was his resume that got highlighted yesterday).

I know this is a stretch but there still is a chance, even if its a small one.

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