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ReCore is Just the Beginning, More Xbox Games Are Coming to PC

By releasing Windows 10 and focusing on bringing Xbox games to PC, Microsoft brought two of its biggest platform under one umbrella. Halo is one example for Xbox games on Windows and Microsoft had said more will follow.

The latest in the line is ReCore, an action adventure game from Microsoft Studios that is being directed by Mark Pacini and produced by the legendary Keiji Inafune. Announced at E3, ReCore was supposed to be an Xbox One exclusive but according to the latest news regarding ReCore, it will release on PC which now makes it a Microsoft exclusive rather than Xbox.

The title will head to Windows 10 PC sometime this year.

Bringing Xbox and Windows closer together is a smart move by Microsoft and we welcome their decisions in this regard. However, not everyone is happy about it and one such fan took to Twitter and asked Phil Spencer why Xbox One games are going to Windows 10.

Spencer replied:

Windows dominates the PC gaming market so it makes sense why Microsoft would want to bring Xbox games to Windows. It is cheaper than creating PC exclusive games and they won’t have to split profits with competitors for a multiplat game, which in this case is ReCore.

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