ReCore Health Boosters Locations ‘Never Felt Better Guide

ReCore Health Boosters Locations Guide to help you find these rare HP boosters and increase Joule’s maximum HP.

Similar to ReCore Prismatic Cores, ReCore Health Boosters are scattered across the in-game world – dungeons, main areas, etc.

Moreover, finding these ReCore Health Boosters does not require any kind of pre-requisites – as seen in Prismatic Cores guide.

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ReCore Health Boosters Locations Guide

In our ReCore Health Boosters Locations Guide, we have covered everything you need to know about finding these Health Boosters.

Granite Steps

ReCore Health Booster #1


You need to jump onto Joule’s Crawler and head over to the front side to find it.

Lonely Basin

ReCore Health Booster #2
You need to head over to the gate leading to The Cradle and find the Ringer Corebytes. Once there, head towards the large rock in the center and reach the very top. Once you are up, head towards the eastern edge to find it.

Pylon 512

ReCore Health Booster #3

You need to head inside the Pylon 512 Dungeon and head all the way to the backside – near a ramp. Once you come across a couple of Ringer Corebytes, head inside a small alcove on the upper-left side to find it.

Shifting Sands

ReCore Health Booster #4

After finding Duncan at the Lost Crawler, follow him into the next area and have the AP-3 Corebot to destroy the rubble and find the item.

The Foundry Dungeon

ReCore Health Booster #5

In this area, you need to head towards the area with the Roller Corebytes and reach the very end. After reaching the end with several Roller Corebytes, find the middle one, and jump up to find a Supply Cache. You basically need to continue jumping up in order to find the item.

This is all we have on ReCore Health Boosters Locations Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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