Worry Not, Ready At Dawn Working On Two Games Alongside Deformers

Director of Deformers at Ready At Dawn, Andrea Pessino said that the studio is currently working on two more projects, while answering questions on NeoGaf.

Ready At Dawn recently revealed its new game Deformers, however, the reveal have met with mixed reactions by gamers. If you are disappointed by the reveal, then afraid not as Ready At Dawn is working on more games, alongside Deformers.

While answering some questions about Deformers at Neogaf, director of Deformers at Ready At Dawn, Andrea Pessino said that the studio is currently working on two more projects.

Deformers is a third person arena style combat game, where up to eight players can control different forms as they engage in melee combat.

The game is designed for those type of players, who like to showoff their skills and dominate over other players. Forms can consume objects in their surrounding in order to get stronger, these objects could also be the remains of their fallen enemies.

Prior to Deformers, Ready At Dawn developed PlayStation 4 exclusive Order 1886. Despite of the mediocre reviews, many fans were hoping that Sony might give the studio another chance to develop a sequel for the game, however, the studio has partnered with GameTrust.

Andrea Pessino also said that Deformers is the type of game that he dreamt to develop for more than 25 years, and the team developing the game is having a great time. As for the future of Ready At Dawn he said that development of Deformers does not mean that they have given up on other types of games.

As for what are the other two projects that Ready At Dawn is working on, it can be just speculated for now as Andrea Pessino did not mention or specified any details. There is a slight possibility that the one of these two projects might be a sequel to The Order 1886.

De-formers will be available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, however, no release date has been announced yet.

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