RDR2 Might Be Good But God of War Dominates Golden Joystick Awards

The Golden Joystick Awards of 2018 attributed most of its awards to God of War. Fortnite also wins game of the year while RDR gains critics choice.

The Golden Joystick Awards of 2018 recently took place over the weekend and the charts were swept up by the new God of War by Santa Monica studios. Among the fourth installment of Kratos’ story, Fortnite Battle Royale, Red Dead Redemption and Overwatch also made their own appearances.

Red Dead Redemption 2 did win the critic’s choice of the Golden Joystick Awards, this means that the academy award of sorts was given to RDR 2. God of War on the other hand won:

  • Best Storytelling
  • Best Visual Design
  • Best Audio
  • PlayStation game of the year

That’s four rewards under the ghost of Sparta’s belt, which is more than any of the other games were able to claim. Fortnite did win the game of the year, however, as well as the competitive game award. A very honorable mention is, of course, my boy Miyazaki, who won the lifetime achievement award with the Dark Souls series.

CD Projekt Red also had a cameo in the Golden Joystick Awards with Cyberpunk 2077 winning the Most wanted game award. Todd did it again as well with the Skyrim VR port winning the VR side of things. On the topic of Battle royale, PUBG also did win the mobile game of the year, thank God their mobile game was more optimized than the PC variant at least.

Overwatch won the Esports game of the year, what with how much traction the world cup and league gained around the world. They even had DJ Khaled perform for them right? Though I don’t think the guy fully knew where exactly he was and all. Still put up a great shuffle I mean damn.

Anyways, Forza Horizon 4 sped its way into the Xbox game of the year award. It’s honestly nice to see racing games not only still being alive but als0 winning awards. This coming from a day and age where shooters dominate the market otherwise. Still not exactly close to God of War or RDR, but definitely something.

Bryan Dechart also got awarded for his performance in Detroit: Become Human for his portrayal of Connor. This award is particularly nice since it adds recognition to the talent of voice acting in video games.

Gaming has become more a part of our lives than it ever was before. More than just a hobby, it’s now being recognized as a proper sport as well as a talent required field. Awards for voice acting have only just added to the belt of achievements that video games have managed to achieve. The Golden Joystick Awards are for sure owed gratitude for that.

Arguments regarding the Fortnite win with game of the year has sparked controversy online. What with a lot of gamers not recognizing it as an actual game, and more often simply disregarding it as a meme. When in comparison to games like God of War or Red Dead Redemption.

It was particularly offensive to most when the same games were beaten by a multiplayer meme generator. Though one can’t forget that Fortnite did, in fact, have a massive reach, cross-platform, giant multiplayer base and free availability to the planet. This does give it a few advantages, enough to secure the game of the year title.

Also no, this isn’t me throwing hints at Rockstar to release Redemption 2 on the PC. Totally isn’t, heheh.

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