Ray Tracing Will Come To Consoles And Become The Standard

Ray Tracing is the new thing on the market right now and a major selling point of the RTX 20 series graphics cards from Nvidia. Battlefield producer David Sirland talked about the matter and according to him, it may take a generation or two but Ray Tracing will come to consoles and will become the standard in the future.

We saw the demo of Battlefield V and what the game looks like with and without Ray Tracing and the difference is pretty clear. Sirland further went on to talk about different aspects of Battlefield V and he touched on the matter or Ray Tracing by mentioning the following:

Gameplay standpoint it will change a lot of things, so I hope standardization happens fast. I normally could care less about how stuff looks, as it results in worse gameplay.

He also mentioned that there are a few things that are faked in video games but with the new Ray Tracing technology, these things can be replaced by the trickery that happens in the background. While this might not have much of an impact on gameplay, it will make things look better. If that is something that appeals to you then this is something worth looking into.

But this kind of tech allows us to throw away some of the faked stuff we do now, which is very tricky to get to play right sometimes, simplifies if you will. But, in a few years. I personally play on low settings, vsync off, no triple buffering – I hear ya. But some of the lighting fixes RT improves on makes things better when it comes to playable shadows and indoors vs outdoors etc.

Nvidia is an official partner of Battlefield V, so you can expect to see proper support for Ray Tracing. If you are interested in getting an RTX 20 series GPU then you can check out pre-order guide. For more news and information regarding the matter, stay tuned.

Let us know what you think about Ray Tracing and whether or not this is something that you are interested in.

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