Ravenswatch Dev Is In “Favor Of” Game Pass

Ravenswatch could come to xbox game pass but it's too early to say. Developers are in favor of the service though.

Passtech Games earned a lot of praise for Curse of the Dead Gods. Now, they are hoping to achieve something similar with their upcoming rogue-like game, Ravenswatch. The game will enter early access phase soon and they are planning the full launch after almost a year after early access launch.

We had an opportunity to talk with the Associate Producer, Margaux Saly of Passtech Games and we wanted to ask if the developer has any plans to bring Ravenswatch to Microsoft’s Game Pass and what do they think about the service overall. To which, he replied:

It’s too early to consider adding the game to the Xbox Game Pass. For the moment, we prefer to focus on the release of the game in Early Access and we’ll see what the future holds! We are in favor of this type of service because it is a very good way for us developers to make our games accessible to a whole new group of players.

As mentioned before, the early access will be limited to to Steam only and the game will launch on consoles as a full release once it’s ready. Curse of the Dead Gods was well received by the fans and we are hoping that Ravenswatch will do the same.

So while the Early Access will be limited to Steam, they could plan to bring the full game to Steam as they are in favor of the service as a developer and Curse of the Dead Gods was also on Game Pass service for some time. So chances of Ravenswatch arriving on Game Pass are there but it could be long before that happens.

It could also depend on the success of the game. If it sells well during early and full release, it could take longer for the game to arrive on the service. However, if the game struggles to manage sales target, the developer could consider bringing it to Game Pass sooner.

For now, most of the fans and the developer is focused on the Early Access which is scheduled to start from April 6 on Steam.

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