Ratchet and Clank Coming to PlayStation 4 Pro, Insomniac Love the Tech Behind Pro

According to Insomniac’s Al Hastings PlayStation 4 Pro is a real step forward, and also revealed that Ratchet And Clank will come to the console.

Sony Revealed PlayStation 4 Pro during its PlayStation Meeting event along with PlayStation 4 Slim. Since its reveal, many developers are sharing their thoughts about how this new console will revolutionize the game industry.

This time Insomniac Games has shared its thoughts, and according to them the console is a real step forward.

In an interview following the PlayStation Meeting, Insomniac’s Al Hastings talked about the console and said that for their upcoming game, Spider Man, they are working really hard and PlayStation 4 Pro has helped them a lot to make the game look stunning.

For our Spider-Man project we’re really working as hard as we can to build a really rich, detailed version of New York City and the amount of detail and improved fidelity you can get on a 4K display – especially a 4K display that has HDR – is pretty stunning. It’s a real step forward. That’s what we’re most excited about.

He further revealed that Insomniac Games will be bringing Ratchet And Clank to PlayStation 4 Pro and will add features like HDR and 4K for the game.

But at the same time, I’m going back and changing our last Ratchet & Clank to also supporting HDR and 4K output and, so far, what I’ve found is because it wasn’t authored with 4K in mind the addition of HDR… has a lot more punch than the improved resolution.

The previous Spider Man games have been tied to movies in one way or another, so obviously many gamers had the question in mind that whether it will be a separate game or will be a tie-in to the upcoming Marvel Spider Man movie.

Insomniac Games has made it clear that their upcoming Spider Man game will not be a tie-in to any movie and will be its own game. The developer also revealed that they are going with an experienced Spider Man.


Insomniac Games is yet to announce the release date for the Spider Man game, and the developer has already said that they are not going to announce one anytime soon.

Source: Playstationlifestyle

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