Insomniac Games Won’t Announce Spider Man PS4 Release Date Any Time Soon

Insomniac games has announced that they are not going to announce the spider-man release date for PlayStation 4 any time soon.

Spider Man PS4 was revealed during Sony’s E3 press conference, and was one of the highlights of the show. Since its reveal fans are waiting eagerly for developer Insomniac Games to announce a release date for Spider Man PS4.

However, the wait will be longer than expected.

The developer has announced that they are not going to announce Spider Man’s release date any time soon. In a Tweet to a fan, a representative of Insomniac Games said that it will take sometime before we have a release date.

All we said was there was no release date. Likely not going to announce one anytime soon.

The developer did not even mentioned a release window to look forward to when me we might expect to learn more about the game.

Spider Man PS4 is intended to be merely a beginning of entirely new series, and the focus with be on quality rather than quantity. Recently Insomniac games revealed that a huge team is working on the Spider Man PS4.  The game uses an advanced version Ratchet and Clank game engine.

Marvel has given complete freedom to Insomniac Games to develop Spider-man for PlayStation 4. According to Bill Rosemann the game will be a separate experience from the movies and Insomniac is allowed to tell its own story.

However, Spider Man is not the only game in development based on Marvel superheroes. According to Vice President of Marvel Games, Jay Ong, there are a lot of plans to bring Marvel characters to games but they can’t reveal them right away.

Marvel already have existing partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment, Warner Bros and Telltale games. He further said that there is a lot more to come which fans will hear more about later this year.

Spider-man is an PlayStation 4 exclusive being developed by Insomniac Games and will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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