Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition Up On Sale for $15 On Steam

Ubisoft has put up the Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition for sale on Steam for a small price of $15; differences and content details inside.

In Rainbow Six Siege, unlocking the Operators is really a task especially the way you have to do it in the primary version of the game. This gets different with the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition; you get an alternative way to do that, and that too at a reduced price.

The Starter Edition has been introduced so that you get at least some of the Operators unlocked right at the beginning of the game, although Ubisoft says that this comes at the price of a greater grind requirement for the rest of the Operators that will still need to be unlocked.

Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition is Live on Steam for $15

If you plan on taking a different route to the game it is also going to cost you less, while ensuring that you get all the content that is there in the base game.

This includes Multiplayer, Terrorist Hunt and Situations modes, all operators, all maps, all game modes, no level caps for progression, and the same matchmaking system as the Standard version of the game. Special features of the Starter Edition are listed below:

  • Provides full access to the Rainbow Six Siege game for 15€ / £11.99 with a different system for unlocking operators (see below).
  • Instantly unlocks up to 4 Operators.
  • Requires additional grinding to unlock the remaining 16 original Operators (Operators are unlockable for 12,500 Renown, compared to 500-2,000 renown in the Standard Edition.

In order to unlock the rest of the Operators faster, you can take on Daily and Weekly Challenges, buy Renown Boosters, take advantage of Operators discounts, or get the R6 Credits pack that can directly unlock any of the Operators.

Do you plan on buying the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition on Steam now or will you wait for the Steam Summer Sale?

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