Rainbow Six Siege Patch Brings Major Issues to Hit Detection, Knife Kills

It looks like gamers are experiencing some major issues after installing the latest update for Rainbow Six Siege. The patch in question is 2.0 and was release across all platforms earlier this week.

There are three major bugs that are affecting the game and pretty much breaking the game at this point.

  • Knife hits not registering even with multiple swipes
  • Stuck player models in a T-pose on occasion which is preventing enemies from knowing your true orientation
  • Hit dedication issue where multiple hits not registering or full magazines not enough to kill enemies

There are plenty of disgruntled fans on reddit and Ubisoft’s own blog looking for a fix or workaround. You can see the bugs in action in the video below (courtesy of Airyeezy1995).

Many of these issues are known and Ubisoft working on it. We are expecting a fix in the next week or so. For now, Rainbow Six Siege isn’t really in a playable condition.

However, we may be able to help you out with some other problems such as:

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  • Skins Unlock Bug
  • Skins Unlock Bug
  • High Latency
  • Error Code 2-0x00000076
  • Mic Not Working Issue
  • Rainbow Six Siege Freezing Fix

You can check out our solutions guide that will help you deal with these problems.

Via: VG247

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