Rainbow Six Siege Operation Wind Bastion Revealed, 2 New Siege Operators and a Map Arrives

Ubisoft have unveiled first details about the new Operation Wind Bastion coming to Rainbow Six Siege Operation. It includes two new operators and a map.

Rainbow Six Siege is due to a major update in game’s third year of post-launch content. The latest operation is called Operation Wind Bastion that is added with the latest Siege update. It brings 2 different Siege operators for you to use along with a new multiplayer map.

The two new operators coming to the game are Attacker and a Defender. These both come from Morocco’s Groupe d’Intervention de La Gendarmerie Royale (GIGR).

Ubisoft has described the new Attacker operator in detail. Ubisoft is calling Attacker an explorer. She’s an expert in environmental operations and will be most suitable for those who can’t stay calm.

The first Operator is a Defender and the Commander himself who is as stoic as the mountains are immovable. He is stationed at the country’s legendary kasbah, a training ground that has shocked and awed thousands of incoming soldiers. Strict and imposing, he inspires respect and has taken it upon himself to guide the future of Moroccan Special Forces.

The second Operator is an Attacker who travels wherever the wind takes her. She’s among the few explorers who can cross the Sahara, climb up the Alps, trek through Asia’s rainforests, march along the Arctic Circle…and still return to her unit in operational shape. Perceptive and resourceful, she’s an expert on environmental operations with a knack for pushing the enemy back.

These both operators will be available for free for the owners of Year 3 pass. After exactly seven days of the Siege update release, players will be able to buy this separately as well.

Lastly, Operation Wind Bastion update is going to bring a new map in the game. This map is called “Fortress” and it’s based in the Atlas mountains. Ubisoft says that the map will offer some open spaces, points of cover and line of sights for both close and long range encounters.

Also, for the first time, this map is associated with a Siege operator though we don’t know whether it’s one of the above-mentioned operators or someone who will be revealed later.

Operation Wind Bastion will be officially revealed by Ubisoft during Siege’s Pro League Finals on November 18, 2018. You can also watch the official reveal through Twitch.

In other news, Rainbox Six Siege is getting some big visual changes via an update before its official release in Asia. Ubisoft is going to implement these changes across all versions of the game to make it easy for the developers.

Source: Ubisoft

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