Rainbow Six Siege Mid-Season Update Takes on Ping Abusers and Peeker’s Advantage

It has nearly been two years since Rainbow Six Siege was released but the debate around players having unfair advantages at higher pings still remains.

Posting on the official website, Ubisoft stated that the design philosophy of the tactical team-based shooter has always been to favor those with faster and more stable internet connections. In that light, the development team has a few ideas through which it intends to improve its online systems for the best possible experience for lower ping players while “maintaining the accessibility” for higher ping players.

The upcoming Mid-Season Reinforcements for the third season this year will change how latency alignment works in Rainbow Six Siege. The servers will more accurately mirror the reaction time of a player with an unstable internet connection, giving opponents a slighter wider window of opportunity.

The upper limit on the latency required to initiate extra hit validation steps is being reduced. There is a new pawn-to-pawn physics system incoming, which should ensure that players are no longer to teleport behind shield users.

Ubisoft also revealed that it is working on a few optimizations that will result in a more “responsive experience for all players and a reduction of latency” in the game. In addition, the in-game pings displayed in the menu will no longer include the processing delay. This means that the new pings shown will be lower but will not have any impact on gameplay. It is purely for an accurate representation of your internet connection.

In short, players currently enjoying Rainbow Six Siege at high pings will no longer be able to do so once the update arrives. This does not mean that everyone was abusing their internet connections. Those without any regional servers, and who were forced to jump regions, will surely be disappointed. Ubisoft is aware of this fact but has exclaimed that it is necessary for the “best interest” of the game.

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