How Does the Buddy Pass Work in Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction is finally out and it comes with a Buddy Pass. In this guide, we will explain how the Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass system works and how to use it.

Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass

It has been 7 years since the release of Rainbow Six Siege in 2015, and now fans of the series are excited as Rainbow Six Extraction is here. And it is coming with a Buddy Pass which essentially lets two of your friends play the game for free.

In this guide, we will talk about the Buddy Pass in detail and shed light on what the R6 Extraction Buddy Pass is, how does it work, and how to use it.

Keep in mind that to ensure a smooth launch, Ubisoft has currently disabled the Buddy pass system for R6 Extraction and will launch it in a few days.

What is Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass?

If you’ve bought R6 Extraction and your friends aren’t sure whether they should buy it or not then worry not, as the Buddy pass lets two friends play the game for free.

With every original copy of R6 Extraction, there’s a Buddy Pass which allows you to let your 2 friends play for free during the time of the pass on any platform. Since the game offers full-cross play support across PC, XBOX One Series X|S, XBOX One, PS4, PS5, Stadia, and Amazon Luna, you can play the game online with random players or your friends.

How to Use Buddy Pass in R6 Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction is not a PvP Multiplayer game, rather it brings a different type of gameplay. In the game, you are to join forces with two of your friends as a trio.

These PvE games are best played with friends and Buddy Pass lets you persuade them to make the purchase. Using the pass is quite simple and all you need to do is follow these steps using your Buddy Pass Token

  • Select two of your buddies through the in-game menu
  • Using the same in-game menu, send invitations to your friends
  • Ask your friends to download the trial version of the game
  • Accept the Buddy Pass invitation and make a trio

These are all the simple steps you need to do to play R6 Extraction with your friends.

How The Buddy Pass Works

The trial version of Rainbow Six Extraction lets anyone play the game for 2 hours. To play more, you need the buddy pass. Friends you invite with the R6 Extraction Buddy pass can play the game for up to 14 days for free. However, there is a slight caveat.

The invited Buddies can only play the game if they are in a squad with the person who invited them. Buddy Pass does not allow unlimited access to R6 Extraction so you need to play with your friends in order for them to experience the game before purchase.

The progress you’ve made during the trial period will be saved and you’ll continue right where you ended after you buy the game.

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