Rage 2 Vehicles Locations Guide – Repairing, Upgrades, Storing Vehicles, Mount Weapons

In this Rage 2 Vehicles Locations Guide, you’ll learn about all the vehicles the game and finding them. Being set a huge open-world, the game allows players to operate various vehicles on its vast map. These vehicles can be stored in Towns Garages, they can get damaged due to various reasons, can be repaired, upgraded, and can have mounted weapons. In addition to this, you’ll also be told about the roles of different vehicles.

Rage 2 Vehicles Locations

Before we begin, the following are different types of vehicles that can be found in Rage 2, their types, and how to obtain them.

Vehicle Type How to Obtain
Raptor Super-Charged Bike Conquer Level 10
Chazcar Competitive Racing Car Chazcar Derby
Icarus Exploration Vehicle Conquer Level 7
Phoenix Combat Vehicle Automatically Unlocks at the Game Beginning
Xerxes III Authority Tank Complete Loosum Dagger Mission
Pulverizer Armored Car Wastelands
Devastator Armored Tank Wastelands
Wind Razor Armored Bike Wastelands
Rolla Squad Car Wastelands
Booma Squad Tank Wastelands
Nippa Squad Bike Wastelands
Kola Kong Conquest Civilian Car Wastelands
BG Burger Storm Chaser Civilian Car Wastelands
Dumper Truck Civilian Dumper Truck Wastelands
Loquacious Wanderer Civilian Van Wastelands

Storing, Repairing, and Upgrading Vehicles

If you like a vehicle and want to save it for more missions and explorations, you can bring it back with you to the town. You’ll get a prompt, after which it’ll be always available in the garage.

Vehicles in Rage 2 are not invincible, therefore, they require maintenance and repairs. Usually after a fierce battle sequence or exploration which takes place in tough terrain tends to damage your ride.


You can repair your vehicles by standing near it and interacting with the given key. However, do note that not all vehicles can be repaired – try to drive carefully!

Moreover, after some time, you’ll realize that the enemy is getting tougher, inflicting more damage to vehicles with terrain becoming more challenging. Therefore, upgrades help balance the situation in your favor.

In order to upgrade a vehicle, you’ll have to go to the ‘Upgrade’ menu. Upgrades include Auto Parts as well as provide an offensive capability against the enemy by the deployment of weapons on the vehicle.

Upgrades cost between 10-50 Auto Parts that can be found across the map or by participating in different events.

This is so far everything we’ve in our Rage 2 Vehicles Guide. If there’s anything else that you’d like to add, be sure to let us know!

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