Rage 2 To Be Stacked With Post-Launch Content

Studio Director for the developers of Rage 2 revealed that it is a strictly single-player only experience in a recent interview.

RAGE 2 is going to be developed with a different approach by id Software as compared to the other games published by Bethesda. Bethesda Softworks has been following the trends by introducing several multiplayer modes in their games but RAGE 2 is going to be a single-player only experience. Moreover, RAGE 2 will get the best content possible with post-release updates.

In a recent discussion, Tim Willits, Studio Director at id Software revealed to the AusGamers that Rage 2 is going to stimulate the single-player gaming experience entirely. Nonetheless, to keep the engagement level of the game driven in-game events, content, updates, and paid DLC will be introduced regularly.

Tim Willits declared evidently when asked about the modes being offered in RAGE 2 that “It’s a single-player game”.

We feel that we are offering many hours of game for the money, but we also want to have a longer tail on the game. We’ll have some free updates. And we’ll have paid updates. We have some community things too, so you can kind of feel that you’re part of a community. And we’ll talk about those later. But our focus is single player.

The first-person shooter game has been reported earlier to not have any kind of multiplayer modes. Even though the publishers, Bethesda Softworks has introduced such modes in various other titles. DOOM Eternal is suggested to have multiplayer features while Wolfenstein YoungBlood already has co-op. Furthermore, Fallout 76 will be having a shared world gaming experience also.

Keeping all the above under consideration, one expected multiplayer features in in RAGE 2 as well. However,  developers decided to take this game to the pure single player route. The game is a sequel to the original RAGE and if you haven’t played the first game, dig deep into the game’s background by Bethesda.

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