RAGE 2 Open World and Gameplay Discussed At E3 2018, id Software Praising Avalanche for their Work

And we are off! Bethesda and id Software are currently on stage sharing their new RAGE title, RAGE 2. The game is looking absolutely insane. RAGE 2 gameplay trailer shows crazy, seamless open world with different environments for the player to traverse.

You will be playing as the last “Walker” of the barren lands going up against a powerful enemy. The game is set in the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world after civilization is pushed to the brink of destruction by an asteroid. 80% of the world’s population is dead and is now your job to make the world a better place. And how are you going to do that? Go into RAGE mode!

Gameplay changes made to the new game are pretty impressive. The Walker uses different skills to take enemies and can select from a range of different weapons types – assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, and more. One of the abilities we saw allowed the player to teleport like Overwatch’s Tracer; switching weapons at the same time and blasting the enemy up close. We also saw melee kill animations that are pretty sick.

Up to stage Pete Hines also took a made fun of Walmart for leaking RAGE 2 before revealing RAGE 2 gameplay footage. You can out RAGE 2 gameplay trailer above and let us know what you think. The game is under development at Avalanche Studios, the makers of Just Cause series (another Just Cause is coming BTW). id Software praised Avalanche’s work on the game, stating the studio “delivered” a quality product.

RAGE 2 is releasing sometime in Spring 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. We will have more details for you as they are shared with us at E3 2018. Pre-orders for the game are now live at different retailers. Keep in mind the game is under development and many changes could be made before release.

Did you like the new RAGE 2 gameplay trailer?

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