How To Get To Shipwreck Island In Raft

Shipwreck Island is another environmental location in Raft to find and explore. The island is rich in a lot of resources such as Metal Ore, Copper, Cave Mushrooms, Giant Clams, Seaweed, and such.

More importantly, Shipwreck Island has the Abandoned Ship which contains a Loot Box that is highly rare and hence, gives you an opportunity to loot some extra rare and important resources. You can further get Captain’s Hat and a Radio from the island.

The following guide will help you get to Shipwreck Island in Raft.

How To Find Shipwreck Island In Raft

Shipwreck Island randomly spawns on the horizon. There is hence no exact location or coordinates for you to pursue. There are some clues though that you can keep an eye out for to increase your chances of spotting Shipwreck Island.

Firstly, Shipwreck Island only spawns near a Small Island and that is only a 2% spawn chance. When you see a Small Island appear on the horizon, make sure to go closer because the game might just spawn Shipwreck Island nearby.

Thankfully, you don’t have to sail all over the sea to determine whether the landmass on the horizon is Shipwreck Island or not. You only have to get close enough to see a flag hovering from the highest point of the island with the letter “HELP” in all capital, which probably was raised by the sailor who was abandoned on the Island and wanted to be rescued.

Unfortunately, there’s no particular time depicted for the island to spawn. Many Raft players have been sharing their concerns regarding the spawn of Shipwreck Island. Some have already come across it while others have not even after completing the main story.

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