How To Get Seaweed In Raft

Seaweed is a collectible resource in Raft. It can be used as a crafting material for several items in the game, like the Flippers and Vine Goo.

The following guide will cover everything on where and how you can find Seaweed in Raft.

Where To Find Seaweed In Raft


Kelps are tall plants that grow on the ocean floor. Finding them though might be a bit tricky because of the low visibility and constant threat of sharks underwater.

What you need to know when swimming underwater is that Kelps are more often found in abundance in shallow waters. That means you do not have to necessarily swim all the way to the ocean floor.

Also, Kelps grow alongside seaweed and other underwater plants. To differentiate them, note that Kelps will have a little shine on them to indicate themselves as collectible resources.


When you spot an island on the horizon, sail your raft near to the coastal area and then anchor it to prevent it from drifting away. You will not need any oxygen supply since you will not be diving deep. Nonetheless, always keep an eye on your Oxygen meter.

When you find Kelps, swim near to them and press “E” on your keyboard to collect them. You do not require any tools to collect Kelps.

Loot Boxes
Another way to find Seaweed is through Loot Boxes which are scattered across the world of the game.

Each Loot Box that you find will yield several different types of items instead of just one. There is a chance that the Loot Box you find has Seaweed in it.

Loot Boxes can only be found on Vacated Rafts (spawn at random), in Abandoned Huts (found on islands or underwater near islands), and on Story Islands.

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