How To Get Seaweed In Raft

Seaweed is a collectible resource in Raft. It can be used as a crafting material for several items in the game, like the Flippers and Vine Goo.

The following guide will cover everything on where and how you can find Seaweed in Raft.

Where To Find Seaweed In Raft

Seaweed is pretty common in Kelps. Kelps are tall plants that grow on the ocean floor. It’s better to search for Kelp on the shallow parts of the ocean near Islands rather than in the open ocean.

First, you have to find an island, it doesn’t make a difference even if it’s a small one. When you find the island steer near to it with your Sail and the Anchor your raft near it.

You must also remember that farming Seaweed can be dangerous. You have to constantly be careful of your Oxygen meter and Sharks.

Kelps aren’t located too deep under the water though, so Oxygen shouldn’t be much of a problem. The Sharks, however, can be a lot dangerous. There are two ways you can get rid of the Sharks; you can either kill them or distract them using bait. If you aren’t prepared for a fight, using baits should be the way to go, they can buy you enough time to escape them.

Swim near a Kelp and look over to the denser part of the plant, which is often at the center of it. This area would be highlighted slightly if it’s in your line of sight. Look at the denser part and simply press the “E” key on your keyboard to obtain the Seaweed from the Kelp.

Loot Boxes
Another way to find Seaweed is through Loot Boxes which are scattered across the world of the game.

Each Loot Box that you find will yield several different types of items instead of just one. There is a chance that the Loot Box you find has Seaweed in it.

Loot Boxes can only be found on Vacated Rafts (spawn at random), in Abandoned Huts (found on islands or underwater near islands), and on Story Islands.

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