Quantum Error PS5 Dev Talks About Shotgun Reload Gaff, Weapons, Skills, Enemies

The announcement trailer of Quantum Error was generated in-engine and hence, was a work in progress that should not be taken as the final representation.

The announcement trailer of Quantum Error was generated in-engine and hence, was a work in progress that should not be taken as the final representation.

That piece of information is important to know beforehand because of a few concerns that were quickly brought to attention from the footage, mainly having to do with a slow and clunky animation for reloading weapons.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, developer TeamKill Media confirmed that the reload animation from the trailer has already been fixed. The new animation is not only quicker for the shotgun but also more realistic. In addition, the reloading animation can be interrupted by the player at any point to blast approaching enemies if the need be.

Since that teaser was created the reload animation for the shotgun has already been changed to something better and faster. Reloading in the game will be realistic in speed but not so slow that it gets annoying, some will be quicker some slower.  With the shotgun specifically you will also be able to interrupt your reload, so if an enemy catches you by surprise you can still fire.

Speaking of weapons, TeamKill Media confirmed that Quantum Error currently has about ten different weapons with one more in the pipelines. However, they will not be the only means for survival. The firefighter protagonist will be able to choose from a variety of skills ranging from using a gas mask to traverse toxic areas to opening secret areas for loot with forcible entry tools.

So far, we have a pretty good array of weapons in the game; I think were sitting at 10 currently with 1 more still planned for sure. We are still going over what kind of progression we want players to experience with QE and have not settled on one just yet.

There are going to be many ways of approaching problems in the game using the skill set the player has as a firefighter. From traversing areas that are toxic using your mask and oxygen to prying open secret areas with a halligan bar and many more.

As for enemies, some of them will be able to use supernatural abilities, or at least something along those lines according to the developer. Even the basic zombies will pose a challenge by attacking in groups and not wandering aimlessly on their own for easy pickings. There will also be bosses throughout the narrative that can be presumed to be channeling their inner Lovecraft demons.

There is going to be a huge amount of different enemies that are all very distinct from one another. With the Cosmic Horror part of the game some enemies are going to be capable of harness dimensional power and warping the fight in their favor.  Even our basic zombies that we call “Human Left-Overs” are part of a hive mind type thing and being forced against their will. And yes, there are going to be several boss fights.

Coming to the narrative side of things, Quantum Error will be a purely story-driven single-player campaign. The developer though, is looking into giving choices at certain junctions of the storyline that will have consequences. Overall, the campaign will last between 15 – 20 hours.

It will be a story driven campaign similar to that of a Dead Space or Resident Evil type game, however we are going to have some choices that can be made in the game that could impact certain parts of the story.

Quantum Error is among the first exclusives to be announced for PlayStation 5. The first-person cosmic horror game is also in development for PlayStation 4 but aiming to be a launch title for PlayStation 5 later in the year. TeamKill Media has noted that those who love franchises like Dead Space, Doom, Fear, and Resident Evil will “absolutely love” Quantum Error.

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