Quantum Break Dev: Microsoft Removed A Texture From The Game Due To “Explicit Nudity”

Quantum Break might not have been the Xbox One system seller title, but it was a decent game nonetheless. With Remedy Entertainment moving to other projects, the devs talked about the game’s development and revealed that there was one texture in the game that Microsoft asked them to remove because it contained explicit nudity.

Speaking with WeWriteThings, Nazareno Urbano, who was a former environment artist for the studio and worked on QUentum Break, revealed that Microsoft asked the studio to axe a certain texture from the game due to nudity and added that the texture was the highlight of his career.

Microsoft asking me to change one of my textures because it contained ‘explicit nudity and an anthropomorphic lion smoking a joint’ was one of the highlights of my career.

Recently, Remedy revealed that the studio’s next game will be multiplatform title as Remedy Entertainment is porting its Northlight Game engine to PS4 and the next title is codenamed P7. Soon after the announcement fans started speculating that P7, the next title from Remedy Entertainment, might be Alan Wake 2. But, the studio has clarified that it is not Alan Wake 2.

Quantum Break is a third-person action adventure game developed by Remedy Entertainment exclusively for PC and Xbox One.

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