Quantum Break to Run at 720p on Xbox One?

Quantum Break might run at 720p on Xbox One, if new slides are any indication.

Quantum Break might run at 720p on Xbox One, if some slides from Siggraph 2015 Presentation are to be believed. Some images posted below may worry any fan who cares about resolution.

However, this may not be the case as a statement from the PDF document reads:

Our final image is 1080p but screen-space lighting is evaluated at 1280×720.

From the looks of it, both of these effects – Screen-Space Reflections and Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion – are being presented in 720p deliberately by Remedy Entertainment but the final version will be 1080p; it is highly unlikely that Quantum Break will run at 720p.

As for frame rate, we aren’t given any details by Remedy but it would most likely be 30Fps. Quantum Break will release in April 2016 for Xbox One. The title was last shown at Gamescom and the footage blew us away with amazing gameplay and visuals, check out the video below and get a taste of what Quantum Break has to offer.

We’ll let you know as soon Remedy clears things up regarding the frame-rate and resolution of Quantum Break. Till then, let us known if resolution matters to you? Or do you think resolution can be sacrificed to keep a stable frame-rate?

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