Quantum Break Has No Multiple Endings, Time Control Won’t Be a Big Edge in Combat

Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment has share some new details about the game's story and gameplay.

Remedy Entertainment is currently working on Quantum Break and the game is set to release on Xbox One next year. The story of the game involves time travel, time manipulation in combat, broken friendships and more.

Lead character Jack Joyce is able to control time and use the stutters to his advantage. His aim is to fix these stutters and stop Paul Serene.

Many were wondering if Quantum Break’s story is going to have multiple endings, will there be more than one choice available to us when we deal with Paul Serene in the end?

Actually, the game doesn’t have multiple endings according to Remedy Entertainment. However, there are certain points in the game where you will be able to decide which characters live or die, but that won’t have any impact on the ending.

Quantum Break allows Jack Joyce to manipulate time in combat and it may concern fans that it would give him an advantage. Remedy put these concerns to rest by saying that combat won’t be without its challenges, so don’t consider time manipulation as an advantage.

You can know more about Quantum Break, here.

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